victor's christmas Memory......  [Victor 【ヴィクター】]


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My family is Mexican American and my memories of Christmas as
a child
involve being together with my 7 brothers and sisters and my
parents. There
would always be a big dance and music because my father was a
producer of
music and he would sponsor latin bands to south Florida that
would bring the
community together. We would have special foods that would

include tamales
(a type of cigar shaped boiled meat pie that is made of pork
wrapped in corn
meal and cooked in a corn husk), buenelos (a sweet fried
tortilla with
cinnimon and sugar), sweet empanadas (a sweet potato
turnover), mole (a mexican specialty) and several other foods including turkey, roast pork,
rice and beans, tortillas and several other types of pies and
At midnight we would get together and open up gifts and then we occasionally would have musicians who would come and sing spanish songs outside our windows.
My family was also very religious and we would spend time
singing christmas hymns. My brothers and sisters would play the guitar and we would all sing together. I grew up in Florida so usually it would feel cold to us but
there would never be snow. We had a very small tree and lots
of gifts. They were usually things we needed like clothes and usually we got one or two toys. My parents were very practical so we rarely got anything really
unusual but one year I did get a pony.


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